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Y’all are so busy shipping Hiccstrid you forgot who the real OTP is


LOLOL Animators! 


Shapeshifter transformations and special poses by Robertryan Cory. With help from Gravity Falls alum Chris Houghton! http://chrishoughtonart.tumblr.com

Flipping amazing~ 


I find your lack of social skills disturbing, and you should listen to your son, he’s always right about you =P

LOL so Star Wars + Mean Girls meme = Mean Jedi…? XD

IDK, this thing’s been lying in my drafts for a while, and I need more Skywalker family in my life. And also - I’m still very bitter about the Twi’lek females not having ears, this makes absolutely no sense! (Lucas why??? <_> )


The reason I’m hardly ever online anymore is that my hubby and I recently became dads to the most amazing twin girls I could ever wish for.

It’s the most chaotically good experience I’ve had in my life thus far, and though it’s obliviously obvious which one is “mine” and which is “his” (which defines our parents- their grandparents- favorite twin) we love them both tremendously for being their own unique persons.

Oh my Gosh, terry~! they are the cutest thing I ever saw! *O*
and those dresses! 

(P.S. you didn’t send me head sizes or your address!)



The ’50s were fucked up man.

*tries this at next house party*



The ’50s were fucked up man.

*tries this at next house party*

John Powell - The Dancing and the Dreaming
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I need Hiccup to sing this to Astrid


A Whole New World: Part II

(( Here’s a few more of our favorite ladies. :) Thanks for all of the support everyone! ))

I really love these Race-bent - HOWEVER, I’m having a hard time accepting the over-details and sometimes Tropy show of each ethnicity… I see no reason to paint Jasmine with blue for the sake of her “Blackness”, not all Africans tribes do that. Same with painting Cinderella’s face white for the sake of showing she is now Japanese. And again, not all Egyptian wore these kind of jewelry. not even high-born. 

These are ALL TROPES set up by early hollywood - for the sake of the white audience. 

If we want to show other races - thats amazing and great - but please show them how they really are. not how hollywood shows them to us. 

(And once again - I love seeing these, they are great! but I had to let out my thoughts as a woman of race and with many different ethnicity friends).


Day of Dragons!!!!
—————— 78 days left!!! ——————


Day of Dragons!!!!

—————— 78 days left!!! ——————


Mean Elves (x)

Inspired by (Xbecause we all know dreamworks is gonna rip our hearts out somehow…


comic © me

satan © himself




Rick and Morty started off with a classic episode about a boy (Morty) who was into a girl that was way out of his league, so he wanted some sort of potion to make her fall in love with him

obviously, like in most episodes similar to this one, it doesn’t work out, but instead of making Morty totally blame-free, Rick totally calls him out on the creepiness of his actions.

Rick and Morty might be totally hilarious, but they get pretty deep sometimes. This was just one of the many moments on this show where they missed a chance to make a shitty gag joke about something offensive to bring up a deeper meaning instead, the meaning in this case being:

"just because you call it something innocent, like a love potion, doesn’t make it any less creepy that you’re forcing something on another human being to make them love you against their will"

tl;dr: fuck yeah Rick and Morty

And you know, what I love just as much is that Morty accepts responsibility for his actions— but doesn’t drop the fact that Rick carelessly ruined the lives of EVERYONE else on the planet beyond repair.

I’ve seen so many shows/movies where one character is able to pawn off the entire blame for literally anything by bringing up a weaker character’s transgressions.  The writers went out of their way to make sure every uncomfortable plotpoint in this story was addressed and I could NOT be more impressed with them.

Yes everything.
I think as soon as the words “roofie juice” happened my heart exploded. Rounded characters getting smacked down for their shortcomings is deliciously progressive, mmm..

In the morgue
Doctor 1: cause of death?
Doctor 2: how to train your dragon 2
Doctor 1: SERIOUSLY? ANOTHER ONE? THIS IS WORSE THAN STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS! *throws down clipboard and storms out*

hyped hyped hYPED


hyped hyped hYPED